Watched Ray Donovan’s newest episode, Sunny, and I can say I was NOT expecting that sort of ending. The whole episode was great in my opinion, no sex scenes for once so the boring “do you still wanna fuck me” chats were tolerable. I’m starting to think that the bad start for S2 was just a plan to make the two newest episodes seem even more awesome than they’d otherwise be.



Okay, I didn’t really plan on making a post like this, but oh well, here we go.

As some of you might now, I do struggle with anxiety, but most of the time, I can handle it well enough without any major problems. However, right now, my anxiety is really bad.

The reason why I’m telling you peeps about it is because it does affect my blog. I mostly have a queue running, I’m not really able to do any requests and stuff like that (which is also why I’m so far behind with the #ArmitageBirthday) and I’m not really answering any messages. I’m really sorry about that, but I just want you to know I am NOT ignoring you; right now, I almost have enough with taking care of myself.

Again, I am really sorry, but I’ll try to catch up with things when I can. :)

Sorry to hear that, hope you feel better soon :)